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Caring for your pet's dental health - February is National Pet Dental Month

Posted by Ben P. on

Dental care for our pets can be tricky. They're not like kids where you can teach them to brush their own teeth, floss, or use mouth wash daily. Because of this reason, we have to be responsible pet owners by feeding them and caring for their teeth properly. Periodontal disease can arise from poor diet & bad habits. Unfortunately, Periodontal Disease or dental disease is extremely common, but can be entirely prevented. By the age of 3, most cats & dogs have some evidence of periodontal disease. Not only does this disease cause bad breath, teeth pain, inflamed or bloody...

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Can your pet benefit from a rotational diet?

Posted by Lisa P. on

Can you imagine having to eat the same meal day in and day out?  Yeah, we can't either!  So why is it that some pet owners feed the exact same diet to their dogs and cats?  Some will say it's because their pet loves their food.  Others have said they don't want their pet to have upset stomach.   Rotational diet is about adding variety to your pet's diet.  Whether it be switching animal proteins from the same brand of food, or trying a whole new food line, here are some reasons why you may want to slowly begin to...

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No doggie kisses because of that repulsive breath? Read on....

Posted by Ben P. on

We all love our puppies & doggies. They're so cute and innocent....until they get close enough that you smell that awful stench coming from their mouths!  "What did you eat!?!?" you're thinking silently while trying not to gag and run away while gasping for fresh air. If you've experienced this, or know others that have, please read on and share this with them. So bad breath occurs for a number of reasons just like it does in people. We'll touch on a few areas and offer some remedies that can help freshen up that breath to match that adorable pooch's...

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