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No doggie kisses because of that repulsive breath? Read on....

Posted by Ben P. on

We all love our puppies & doggies. They're so cute and innocent....until they get close enough that you smell that awful stench coming from their mouths!  "What did you eat!?!?" you're thinking silently while trying not to gag and run away while gasping for fresh air. If you've experienced this, or know others that have, please read on and share this with them.

So bad breath occurs for a number of reasons just like it does in people. We'll touch on a few areas and offer some remedies that can help freshen up that breath to match that adorable pooch's face.

Majority of the funky breath cases out there are caused by plaque (bacteria) & tartar build up which then leads to various forms of dental & gum disease. By treating the issues early on, you could save the dog from the pains of tooth loss, inflammation of the gums, bloody gums, or any aches in the mouth when eating or playing with their toys.

Professional dental cleanings by your vet are typically recommended about once a year to help combat plaque & tartar build up. There are also products out there on the market such as Ark Natural's Breathless Brushless Toothpaste Chew and their Plaque Zapper that can help reduce the plaque & tartar on a daily basis. Various rope tug or chew toys can also help with their teeth cleaning as well by acting like "floss" as they chew and play. Hard chews & toys will also allow their teeth to be cleaned by the natural process of chewing.

Feeding your dog high quality & easy to digest dry kibble foods will also assist in fighting that bad breath. Some premium dog foods such as Fromm Family, Acana, Orijen, Merrick, and Taste of the Wild are made with probiotics as well to aid in digestion. The hard, dry kibble will also help scrape away plaque & tartar as your pooch chews his or her food.
We hate to say it, but unfortunately, larger medical issues could also contribute to the foul breath. If you've tried the basics of taking good care of their oral hygiene and feeding your dog high quality foods but still encounter the halitosis, you may want to seek your veterinarian for the last resort.

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