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Yeowww - Pineapple Cat Toy

Yeowww - Pineapple Cat Toy


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Has your cat been unmotivated? Lackadaisical? Not interested in a favorite toy or bored with the programs on kitty TV? Maybe it’s time for kitty to take a tropical vacation with the new Yeowww! Catnip Pineapple!

The fifth and largest fruit in the Yeowww! Catnip line of cat toys, the pineapple crushes the competition with 1.45 ounces of Yeowww's special 100% organically grown catnip – no fillers and no chemicals. All this mouthwatering goodness is packed into a colorful and durable cotton twill cover that cats can really sink their teeth and claws into. And with crinkly leaves to add texture and sound, this pineapple delivers a sweet punch of fun!

  • Organic catnip to stimulate play
  • Fun shape pineapple design
  • Great for nibbling or bunny kicking around

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