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Vital Essentials - Freeze-Dried Chicken Hearts

Vital Essentials - Freeze-Dried Chicken Hearts

Vital Essentials

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Chicken hearts are a good source of taurine and other key nutrients. Plus, the tempting scent and tantalizing taste of these real chicken hearts will intrigue even picky kitties. Add a few freeze-dried chicken hearts to your cat’s meals for an extra crunch or to make dinner a special event.

Grain free cat treats are perfect for cats with food allergies or who are on a strict diet. These single ingredient cat treats also do not contain gluten, dyes, artificial fillers or harsh preservatives. That means there’s no stress, no fuss and no complicated chemical formulas — just simple and natural nutrition. 

These freeze-dried chicken hearts cat treats are proudly sourced, made and packaged in the USA. Expect natural variations in color and size as a result of our minimal processing.

  • Single ingredient treat
  • Chicken hearts are a nutritious organ and a good source of taurine
  • Use treats in puzzle toys, between meals or even for training


Chicken Heart


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