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The Rabbit Tap - Dehydrated Rabbit Chips

The Rabbit Tap

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Minimally processed rabbit protein for dogs and cats from Blue Ridge Rabbit in Welford, South Carolina. Rabbit Chips are the perfect treat for dogs, and cats who love to chew. These low calorie chips support healthy skin and coat. The fur contains fiber that soothes the digestion tract. It's also an excellent snack choice for pets who have allergies or are overweight.

You shouldn't have to memorize a list of criteria to find trustworthy pet goodies. With The Rabbit Tap, you’ll never have to. Rabbit Chips contain just one ingredient, sustainably raised American rabbit hide. 100% natural, nothing added ever.

  • Single ingredient treat
  • Great for dogs or cats
  • Excellent snack choice for pets who have allergies or are overweight

*Always supervise your pet when giving any chew or treat


Rabbit Hides (Skin+Fur)


2oz Bag

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