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Koda Pet - Papa Kitala Beef & Bison Treat

Koda Pet

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These hand-cut, beef & bison treats are expertly baked to give your pets a light, yet crispy treat that will have them at your side every time you shake the package! Papa Kitala are treats with heart (literally... they use taurine-rich beef heart in the recipe) and are excellent to give when trying to avoid poultry ingredients.

  • Can be broken into smaller pieces to suit just about any size dog or cat
  • Great as a training treat or reward
  • Limited ingredients (Just 2 proteins)
  • 100% Made & sourced in the USA
  • Poultry free


Beef Lung, Beef Liver, Beef Heart, Beef Broth, Bison Broth


3oz Tray 

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