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BarknBig - Thick Beef Bully Stick


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Made from 100% U.S. beef bull pizzles, BarknBig’s Beef Bully Stick will keep your dog entertained for hours. These USDA-inspected Beef Bully Sticks are proven to be 180% stronger than their competitors. As a premium-quality chew, canine parents love these beef bully stick items because they are nearly odorless. BarknBig soaks all of their beef bully stick products in a proprietary marinade that is cooked out in their slow-baked process, making them safe for indoor enjoyment

  • 100% Single ingredient U.S Beef Bull Pizzle
  • USA Sourced and made in Colorado
  • Nearly odorless
  • Long lasting
  • Slow baked to reduce the risk of splintering

*Always monitor your pet when giving a chew.  


100% U.S Beef Bull Pizzle


5"-6" Thick Bully Stick Single or 10"-12" Thick Bully Stick Single


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