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BarknBig - Beef Steer Stick


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BarknBig Beef Steer Sticks are made from 100% U.S. beef pizzles. While bully sticks are very strong and are loved by aggressive chewers, steer sticks are still firm but they're noticeably less hard which makes them easier on dogs’ teeth and gums. Because they're not so hard, they are often preferred by less-aggressive chewers and older dogs who tend to 'steer' away from hard bully sticks. Steer sticks do a great job of massaging the gums and stimulating jaw muscles and they're just plain delicious!

  • 100% Single ingredient U.S Beef Pizzle
  • USA Sourced and made in Colorado
  • Nearly odorless
  • Steer sticks are easier on dog's teeth and gums
  • Great for gum and stimulating jaw muscles

*Always monitor your pet when giving a chew.  


100% U.S Beef Pizzle


4"-6"  or 11"-14" Beef Steer Stick Single 

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