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OurPets - Cosmic Catnip 100% Natural Catnip


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OurPets Cosmic Catnip has been grown to achieve the strongest, most aromatic catnip ever produced!  Pinch some between your fingers to release the aromatic oils, then give it to your cat for loads of frolicsome fun!  OurPets Cosmic Catnip is 100% natural herb that stimulates a harmless, playful reaction in most cats.  Sprinkle on food to aid digestion.  Rub catnip on a sratcher to save your furniture.  Store favorite toys in a bag of catnip and watch your cat go wild at playtime!

  • Loose catnip leaves
  • Premium North-American grown catnip
  • Fragrant herb inspires lively play
  • Strong aromatic fragrances
  • Sprinkle on toys or scratchers to encourage use


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