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Kure - Raw Cow Milk Kefir (Hillsborough County FL Delivery Only)

Kure - Raw Cow Milk Kefir (Hillsborough County FL Delivery Only)


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Kure's Raw Cow Milk Kefir is raw fermented A2 milk from their grassfed pastured cows, a perfect mate to any pet meal. A protective, nutrient dense food, and a source of full-fat dairy balanced by nature. This milk is digestible lactose that most pets tolerate well because Kure uses fermentation, not HPP pasteurization. Pair it with meals as a hearty source of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and probiotics. Rich in CLA, omega-3 fatty acids, taurine and vitamin K2, this cleanfood provides big benefits for immunity and supports gut health.

  • Great for dogs or cats
  • Healthy raw fermented A2 milk
  • Pasture raised and grassfed cows
  • D igestible lactose due to raw fermentation
  • Rich in naturally occurring CLA, omega-3 fatty acids,
    taurine, and vitamin K2
*Keep frozen

    *This item is only available in-store or Hillsborough County FL local delivery.  Must be home at time of local delivery.  

    Storage and Handling:

    Keep frozen. Thaw to serve. Refrigerate after serving. Stays fresh 14 days after opening.

    Refreeze after 14 days if needed.


    Raw Cow Milk, Raw Honey, Lactic Acid Bacteria.


    32oz Quart or 64oz Half Gallon

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