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Earth Rated - 120 Easy-Tie Handle Poop Bags

Earth Rated

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Prefer knotting your bag handles together? We have a bag for that! Earth Rated's easy-tie handle bags are super convenient at a moment’s notice, and the extra-wide opening makes them a purr-fect fit for cat litter scoops.

Bonus: the lavender scent is so lovely your guests will think you’ve stocked your home with bouquets of flowers.

Picking up after our dogs is our responsibility, we’re here to make it easy.

  • Convenient handles for easy-tying
  • Extra-wide bags, great for cat litter scoops
  • Dispenses single bags directly from the box


120 Easy-Tie Lavender Scented Poop Bags or 120 Easy-Tie Unscented Poop Bags

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