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K9 Granola Factory - Bath Bomb

K9 Granola Factory

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K9 Granola Factory's Bed & Bath Collection is a simple and effective line of products designed for the health and well-being of your pet.  These formulas are great for taking care of your pet while protecting them naturally.

K9 Granola Bath Bombs are a great way to have fun during your dogs bath time and still give them a good clean. These are also formulated with goats milk and essential oils combating fleas, ticks, and anxious puppies natural.

Cleansing is the essential first step to a great skin and coat.  K9 Granola Factory has developed a full line of bath bombs designed to treat your pet's bath.  They have infused each bomb with Kaolin Clay, which is excellent for normal to dry skin types and helps to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin.  Simply add one (1) bath bomb to the tub and watch as the fun begins.  While your dog is standing in the tub, use a cup or pitcher to simply scoop and pour treated water over pet's coat.

Your dog can experience the ultimate fizzy bathing sensation, while leaving them smelling fresh and clean.  The embellishments in the bath bomb (stars, flowers, bones, etc.) are made of sugar and dissolve completely.  The colors are food grade and plastic free glitters are made with mica and minerals, seaweed, and starch.

  • Formulated with goats milk and essential oils
  • For pets and their people
  • The ultimate fizzy bathing sensation, while leaving them smelling fresh and clean


Use one (1) bath bomb per bath.  Simply toss bath bombs into a tub of water and enjoy the fun!  For dogs over 50lbs use (2) bath bombs. 

For best results, pour several cups of bath bomb infused bath water over your dogs coat before rinsing.


Dirty Dog: Earthy hemp and patchouli scent embellished with ground coffee and dog bones

Green Tea: Fresh, herbal green tea with green tea leaves

Puppy Love: Yummy scent of baked sugar cookies embellished with candy hearts

Sun & Surf: Fresh, clean sea embellished with candy pearls and fish and dead sea salt

Cucumber Mint: Fresh slices of cucumber paired with cool peppermint and peppermint leaves

Japanese Cherry Blossom: Embellished with candy flowers

Flea and Tick: Infused with citronella, lemongrass, and lavender to repel fleas, tickets, and chiggers


7 oz Bath Bomb

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